Welcome to the Unda Vosari wiki!

Welcome to the Unda Vosari wiki! There will be more content added regularly, since this is the official home of Unda Vosari: Chronicles and Unda Vosari: Dark Corners. Expect one story (either related to Chronicles or Dark Corners) every so often with each story being part of a greater whole. Each one will also be a minimum of 1000 words.

As if it needed to be said, though, this wiki is SATURATED with spoilers. Proceed with caution! Please attempt to keep "Core" entries spoiler-free! If you feel there needs to be something included on a main page that is a spoiler, please read this before doing so.

This wiki will include "Expanded Universe" characters, locations and plotlines, which will expand on the world outside the core "Unda Vosari" stories (but still taking place inside the Unda Vosari universe). There are three continents outside the lands Vincent and his crew (and related characters) will visit, but there is no story that doesn't affect the overall story of Unda Vosari, so I'm including them here. The Expanded Universe stories will likewise have stories that will be told in due time.

Here's some excerpts from the Unda Vosari series!

Interested in knowing what's going on? Contact me! I love talking about the setting, the characters and the creative process! … Of course, I am still selling the book, obviously.

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